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We save lives by addressing the trauma at the heart of addiction. Compassionate and measurement-based, our treatment fosters autonomy and community in a safe place, where public care feels like private care.

Matt Ehler
Chief Executive Officer

Matt is the CEO at Prosperity Wellness Center and has been working in the behavioral health system for 17 years in a variety of settings, particularly in improving and expanding service delivery. Across several states in the western U.S., Matt’s experience has ranged from leading community-based treatment teams to involuntary acute inpatient to a state reviewer of mental health agencies. Opportunities to learn new skills, problem solve and find new ways forward keeps Matt energized.  A joy for problem solving, along with collaboration and seeking common ground, are the skills Matt likes to bring to any situation. Matt states: “I believe every individual in the work environment is a key piece to the puzzle and to the success of reaching any goal. To that end, I seek to cultivate an environment in which everyone is treated with kindness and respect, encouraging the authentic expression of everyone. My favorite quote is from Oscar Wilde, who encourages us by sharing: ‘Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.’”

Tiffany Cooney
Director of Residential and Outpatient Services

Tiffany serves as Prosperity Wellness Center’s program director of residential and outpatient services. Tiffany briefly worked within this agency in 2017 and after departing, spent multiple years serving at another agency, only to return back to Prosperity in March 2021 with a newfound outlook. Tiffany appreciates Prosperity’s stance on cultural diversity, inclusivity and compassion-driven patient care led by Discovery Behavioral Health. Tiffany has been in the substance use field since early 2013 and became a CDPT in 2015. I received my chemical dependency certification through Clover Park Technical college and earned a bachelor’s degree in interdisciplinary studies and psychology from Central Washington University. She was the 2019 graduating class commencement speaker.  Tiffany states: “My heart lives in this field; I believe everyone deserves a chance at recovery no matter where you have been or what you have done. Watching the light come back into someone’s eyes makes every challenging day in this field worth it. I tend to allow the river of life to carry me to each destination as the flow fits. In 2010, I became an alumnus of Prosperity Wellness Center. I find my aspirations in life have wholeheartedly been connected to what I learned about myself at Prosperity, which are compassion, love and above all else, a positive attitude for life.”  When Tiffany is not at work, she enjoys spending time with my family, laughing, and finding joy and gratitude every day.

Juliet Lanphear, BA, SUDP (She/Her)
Clinical Supervisor

Juliet has been working at Prosperity Wellness Center since March 2021. Currently, she is the clinical supervisor for the inpatient and outpatient programs, providing training and supervision for substance use disorder trainees, supporting all clinicians with clinical file compliance through chart audits, and providing various clinical services to our patients. She is also a certified CPI instructor. Juliet holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Washington in interdisciplinary arts and sciences with an emphasis on self and society, as well as a certificate in human services for substance abuse from Pierce College. She has been working in the field as a clinician since 2012 and has a passion for helping others define and reach their recovery goals. Outside of work, Juliet enjoys spending time with her spouse and two senior dogs, reading and going to hockey games.

Stephanie Linke, BA, SUDP
Outpatient Lead Clinician

Stephanie is the outpatient lead clinician at Prosperity Wellness Center in Tacoma, Washington. She started working at the parent company, Discovery Behavioral Health, in 2022. Stephanie oversees operations in the outpatient facility as well as educating and offering support to a diverse population. She has been in the substance use field since 2014, diligently working toward her SUDP certification, which she acquired in 2018. She completed her associate degree in applied sciences at Tacoma Community College in the human services program. She then went on to complete her Bachelor of Arts degree in 2017 at The Evergreen State College, focusing on social work and law. Stephanie became a member of Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society in 2013 and was inducted as member of the Chi Gamma Chapter of Phi Theta Kappa in 2014. She has a passion for encouraging those struggling with substance use issues to recognize and foster abilities, interests and dreams. Stephanie chose to go into this field due to her own past struggles; she believes the one thing there will always be is hope, especially for those who believe they have lost all hope in changing their lives. When Stephanie is not at work, she practices Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and enjoys spending any of her free time with her grandson, son, and engaging within the recovery community.

Chasity Squire, SUDP
Lead Substance Use Disorder Specialist, Residential Program

Chasity serves as Prosperity Wellness Center lead substance use disorder specialist (SUDP) at our residential program. Chasity started with this agency in 2018 as a support staff and in 2019 moved into a clinical position. Chasity was drawn to Prosperity because of the team’s emphasis on providing compassionate care within an inclusive and culturally diverse environment, led by the parent company, Discovery Behavioral Health. Chasity has been in the substance use field since the later part of 2017 and became a SUDPT in 2018. Chasity received a chemical dependency certificate through Tacoma Community College and is currently working on a bachelor’s degree in behavioral health science with an emphasis in trauma through Grand Canyon University. Chasity’s heart is in this field in order to watch people grow and develop in their recovery practices to gain a second chance no matter what they have done in their past. “Watching someone gain light in themselves allows for every challenging day in this field to be worth it,” says Chasity.  When not at work, Chasity enjoys spending time with family, going on adventures and finding new hobbies to enjoy, as well as finding hope every day. Chasity states: “I believe that no matter what the challenge is, it provides a growth opportunity, whether it is something at work or in my personal life; it allows me to gain something new every single day. This allows me to continue to believe in those who may be struggling by having the ability to guide them to find a new passion for living life. Through my time at Prosperity, I have learned that being connected allows for love, compassion and a positive attitude for life.”

Jill Knoblauch
Admissions Manager

Jill has been a part of Prosperity since September 2016. Jill’s journey at Prosperity started when she was admitted into the residential facility as a patient. Jill then became an alum and started working at Prosperity in 2018. When Jill started, she was working at the front desk as an administrative assistant. Jill is currently the admissions manager and loves what she does. “I have a strong desire to help people who struggle with substance abuse by listening to them and assisting them with the tools to get started on their journey of sobriety,” says Jill. She has three adult children and two grandchildren, whom she absolutely adores. In Jill’s free time, she enjoys being at home with her amazing husband of 21 years, her Dachshund, Missie, and of course her grandchildren. “I believe whole heartedly family and recovery are everything.”

Danita Davis
Kitchen Manager

Danita is the manager of the kitchen at Prosperity Wellness Center and has worked here since 2022.  Danita originally hails from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She has called the West Coast her home for about 10 years. Danita was attracted to the West Coast because she has family here and loves the amazing climate.  Danita has been in the cooking industry for over 30 years. Her love of cooking started at the Philadelphia International Airport Marriott, where she worked for 18 years. During that time, Danita learned a great deal about the importance of eating first with your eyes, then with your palette.  Danita had “15 minutes of fame” while working at the Philadelphia Marriott, with her cornbread being a favorite of the NFL Philadelphia Eagles players as well as some celebrities. Danita has also worked at hotels and a nursing home in the food prep industry, as well as for banquets doing hot prep, omelet stations and carving stations.  Although she did not go to culinary school, she considers her employment within the food industry to be her professors. In turn, Danita is passionate about sharing her knowledge with others, in hopes to jump-start their own food industry experiences. Danita believes that cooking is trial and error, but if it comes out good, it makes the experience worth it.

Danita had not worked with the homeless shelter until she came to Washington State. Danita, who experienced homelessness at a time, says working at a shelter gave her a more compassionate perspective. “[Working at a homeless shelter] gave me the opportunity to treat every man, woman and child as though they are VIPs,” says Danita. “This is how I would have wanted to be treated if I lived in a shelter environment.”  Danita adds: “We should not judge people for what they have; we are all God’s children and there are many components that makes us who we are. Things are just things [and] we are more complex than that. This collection of words is, in my opinion, perfectly constructed and I live by its meaning: ‘Everyone deserves a chance at recovery no matter where you have been.’”  Danita has a passion for showing others that the evidence of God’s love comes in different ways, and cooking and listening to others is how she shows her love. Outside of Prosperity, Danita enjoys being with her many friends and family. To conclude, Danita declares, “I’m blessed.”

Michael Andrews
Maintenance Supervisor

Michael has been the maintenance supervisor at Prosperity Wellness Center residential and outpatient services since October 2020. Michael has held a passion for working in executive maintenance since 1985. Michael finds the job rewarding to ensure systems are running smoothly, as well as working with diverse populations. Beyond maintenance, Michael has gained a whole new love for patient care. Michale states: “I find joy in watching patients’ complete treatment with a whole new outlook on life and feel honored every day that I get to make our building functional and safe. At Prosperity, we take pride in comfortability for patients, so they have a higher chance of meeting positive outcomes.” In Michael’s free time, he enjoys working in his garage doing woodwork or fixing things. He also enjoys traveling and seizing any opportunity to relish the little moments in life.


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