Funding for Prosperity Wellness Center

A Co-Occuring Treatment Center

Potential Patients:
Prosperity is proud to provide assistance for individuals who receive funding through the WA State Medicaid program or are considered low-income status (through Carolon). You could be eligible to receive our services. Ask us to provide a free benefit check to see if Prosperity is right for you.
Contact the admissions coordinators for an over the phone screening to determine potential eligibility/admission needs and appropriate program placement.
If you need assistance on how to access funding through the Apple Health Care/Medicaid services, you are welcome to contact our admissions counselors at (253) 536-6425 or (253) 536-5448 for more information. Or you may visit the website for more information or to sign up for Apple Health Care. The toll-free number to contact the Health Care Plan is (855) 923-4633.
Prosperity Wellness Center - Insurance
Prosperity Wellness Center - Insurance
Prosperity Wellness Center - Insurance


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