A Co-Occurring Treatment Center for Women

July 22, 2012

If you are someone who is truly ready to get clean and sober, you need Prosperity.  I have learned so much and gained so many tools to maintain my sobriety.  The staff here is kind, and truly wants us to succeed.  This is the place that really is for the ones who are serious about being clean and sober.  There are rules (all for us and for a reason).  The schedule is structured to help us get in a routine that we can benefit from in our daily lives after recovery begins. 

The food is good. The people in this community are very supportive of each other even with us coming in and graduating.  The flow of energy within stays constant if you are willing to be protective of your own recovery and not get caught in petty talk.  The choice I made to come to Prosperity is the best choice I have ever made.  I am sure it saved my life. 


The caterpillar’s life ends as the butterfly emerges with beauty and grace.  This transformation is a rebirth.  This is my season of rebirth and like the caterpillar, I too have been transformed.

I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to have come to Prosperity Wellness Center.  Being here has been and awesome gift.  I have been given a new beginning, a new life.

As the fog has lifted from around me, it has become so clearly obvious that this is a house built with heart and soul.  I not only experienced it for myself, but I have also witnessed the genuine love, concern, care and understanding for everyone who walks into this facility.

At no time did I ever doubt the care I was receiving here.  The entire staff, administration, counseling, support staff, the kitchen and maintenance staff have all had a part in my treatment experience and my success.  There is so much knowledge and wisdom here that is shared with each and every resident.

I have gained confidence in myself and my ability to live a successful life in recovery.

Here at Prosperity, I have learned how to identify areas in my life I am struggling with and come to understand the issue and developed a plan to resolve it with a solution.

I have been given tools to use for grounding myself; to keep myself present in my pain; positive reinforcement through the use of personal affirmations.

I believe that the most valuable tool for me is to understand my addictive cycle and my recovery cycle.  Getting to know what my core beliefs and my unmet needs are and the ability to recognize my survival behaviors.  Knowing that relapse is not an event it is a process and knowing what to look for in my life.  When I am slipping into my addictive cycle, I can stop it.  I have the tools, and my relapse prevention plan to stop the cycle.

I have seen the commitment of Prosperity to each and every resident for our success.  I have watched families being reunited.

It all started with one man’s honesty, open-mind and willingness.

Your faith and encouragement empowers me to succeed in my recovery.


Contact the Coordinator of Patient Care (Suzanne), for an over the phone screening to determine potential eligibility/admission needs and appropriate program placement. Our outpatient staff can assist in scheduling an assessment for outpatient needs as well.

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