Prosperity Wellness Center Tacoma, WA

A Co-Occurring Treatment Center for Women

Hope, Health, & Recovery
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Our Mission

Prosperity affirms through progressive treatment processes and patient directed individualized care to create abstinence, improved health, wellness and quality of life.

We are here to help.

Don't let the stress of addiction affect you or your family any longer. Prosperity Counseling can help you start believing in yourself again. We can help you recover.

Participate in individual counseling sessions and women’s groups and find yourself again!
Women groups offer:
Education and information on how to deal with domestic violence and trauma.
Drug Addiction,
Grief and Loss,
Help for Panic and Anxiety,
Stress reduction,
Relapse Prevention.

Along with education on substance abuse and dependence, the women's program promotes healthy living through stress reduction, mindfulness exercises and relaxation techniques. To develop personal recovery cycle.

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